Giving America the Choice to Shine

The Star Party is a grassroots network of citizens who are convinced that our two party system can nolonger provide the effective leadership needed to lead our nation in the 21st century. Our rich heritage and foundational values have become locked in a battle that will defeat us. A new star shines on the horizon, and that star is seen in the will and passion of our people. We invite you to become an active citizen and support candidates that bring leadership that will restore hope and strength. We call all Americans to shine with pride and voice as a guiding light for the world to see.

Brantley for President B2K | Platform | Speech for the 3rd Party National Conference October 2005 |

October 09, 2008  - PRESS RELEASE: "The Star Party's Former 2000 Candidate for President, John Brantley, warns voters to beware of radical connections, contributors, and empty plans proposed by the Barak H Obama. His changes are not for a better America. Healthcare plans are a cover for socialistic community planning model and intent. It is not a question of lacking experience, it is that his experiences are not evidence that he is good for America. We are taking an offical anti-Obama position. A vote for McCain is the best vote against Obama, but we hope you will head our warning and get out and vote for someone other than Obama."