Thanks to the Ya Ya Sisterhood we have a "Pooty-Pootwell" page

Past Champions

Raymond: The grand high master of all things pooty. Played tunes at the dinner table.

Charlie: I never once heard him poot, but he was a quiet man with many talents.

McArthur: We the silent type that made a big impression with us

Ruby and Tommye: Can't say we noted the event from either one, but know they must have.

Noni: If she could have heard she would be mortified. If she visited this page she would be mad.

Vicky: is tricky but she can do her part, but never, never say she has no art.

Kaliya: sweet petunias in the mornings

Mikey: You can tell by the smell, his system is not doing so well.

Current Contenders

John: Can compete with many but is not the pootiest, that passes to his brother.

Drew: If there were a grand slam of pooting, he would be the next grand champion

WOW: Update: Now she blames it on her fiber bar.Modesty says she never would do such a thing, but careful when you say good morning or good night or see the door shut with the bathroom light. or "it's the medicine I'm taking, that's what is making it so unbearable"  "Mommy, please tell me that wasn't you, that scares me."

Sus: Where's the mask, its all to late, she slipped one out, now it is our fate.

Luk: He can smell a room or play the shortest tune, a pootwell in the making.

Fab: She can do it, sometimes on-command, certainly she takes after her old man.

Jack and Annie: Do it in the yard, or from the laundry room they'd be barred.

Up Coming Participants