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  • If you pay to host a family website, update it more often than I do.


  • See if you can find a true pessimist's calendar that only goes through December 20, 2012. If you are not the first one to put it into production and make some money, you are a looser.


  • When your life gets so busy you don't have time to update your website, re-evaluate having a website in the first place.    
  • When moving, rent the largest dumpster you can afford to empty your juke before you move it to your new home.

2008 (in reverse)

  • December - Buy Christmas gifts that build relationships and witness the love and gift of Christ, not just meet a price point.
  • November - Check your expense account now and make certain your use-it-or-loose-it dollars have a plan for the rest of the year. 
  • October -  Register 10 people to vote and make certain you get them to do the same.
  • September -   If the hurricane is coming to your town for the  third time,  find a new place to live and work.
  • August - If you don't want to work here, just quit. If you are going to quit, go ahead and leave.
  • July - Don't let granny loose with the body paints on Bourbon St.
  • June - Don't schedule his and her's back-to-back surgeries
  • May 1st, 2008 - Coining of the phrase for the brantley / oikos bumper stickers "Obama Nation" / "Let's be an Obama Nation" / "We're an Obama Nation"
  • April - Don't piss off the editor of the local paper
  • March -
  • February -
  • January - If they want to buy and you want their money, sell, sell, sell!

2007 (in reverse)

  • December - Just because you have money this month does not mean you have to spend it on Christmas presents.
  • November - If you make an ass of your self, you only have yourself to blame.
  • October - If it is time for your wedding anniversary but you have not bought a gift.  Suggest that we save up for a big trip next year and do the laundry and take out the trash often.
  • September - If you must shovel coals of hell, wear a fire fighters coat.
  • August - It maybe back to school but summer is not over until September. 
  • July - Never assume others have heard what you think they heard, check it out.
  • June - If you much live in a neighborhood with an association make sure you are in charge of the association.
  • May - Don't plant flowers until have the cold weather has gone unless you can get a refund from your nursery. How do you know the cold is gone? You don't, that's the fun.
  • April - The best way to make the holiday special for someone is to surprize them with any entire holiday meal, right down to the disposible service and dinner ware so that entire event can focus on the fellowship and conversation instead of the meal preparation. Thanks a million Mom!
  • March - When pulling together a children's party let the parents of the guest help. If you try to do it all yourself, not only will you miss the fun, so will the guests. Remember it's the jumpy-jump that they will all remember.
  • February - Roses are wonderful expressions of love. If you share them Valentines you are likely to be lost in the crowd. Go for the extra dozen and show the extra measure.
  • January - Ask long time resident before purchasing your sledding equipment. Just because it looks fun in the store or is even sold locally doesn't mean it is the best device for sledding in your area. Sometime the classic materials work the best.

2006 (in reverse)

  • December - If you buy a Christmas gift for someone, select on that they will enjoy because they like the gift, not because you think they need it, will learn to like it, or need to make them who you want them to become. Gifts are gifts when they are free and unburdoned with expectations, of even a thank you note. (Did Emily Post ever receive a gift and just accept it without one-uping it with a thank you note?)
  • November - Don't buy a turkey too big for Thanksgiving Day so you don't have to figure out what to do with the left-overs.
  • October - Pray out load when you are home alone. Hear the words and feel them as the not only dance in your heart, but linger in your hearing.
  • September - Be nice to someone who does not treat you nicely, even if they don't return the favor at least you have peaceful dreams.
  • August - When 8 out of 9 suffer with in digestion, does that mean the 9th on enjoys it? Don't eat so much. Watch you BP and Colesterol
  • July - When a resturant says would famous might just mean an out of town visitor liked their meal some time in the past.
  • June - Year-round Grilling. Use charcoal with 'built-in" lighter fluid. It's worth the $.
  • May - Share your favorite BBQ joint with us and we'll post it.
  • April - Easter Bunny Options: Carvel's Frozen bunny is pricey yet cooool.
  • March - Cry when you need to cry. Talk when you need to talk. Shut up when you need to be quiet.
  • February - When it's time for hospice, get a personal reference and not the hospital's suggestion. Don't be surprised by such "CROSSROADS".
  • January - Juice! Drink it for fun and for life! In a big glass! Whoever though juice should be sold in tiny glasses and softdrinks in a two liter bottle have the world backwards.