Think logically. Research to reveal bias. Hold fast to your faith.

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Love Great Health care question Government 's Control

We all want the best quality health care for all. Reforms of the current model have not be tried and wonder how a government that is bankrupt and can't manage social security, the budget, and a war will profit by taking on health care.  It is not the government's  strength to manage health care. It can regulate it, but not run it or fund it.

Stop the Train: Vote them out.

The sure-fire way that can be accomplished to stop the take over is to vote them all out who have worked to take advantage of the people. November 2010 will be the true history making date that revives our patriotism and will become the turn around of our economy. Why don't folks see it?

The Entitled States of America. (jtb, 3/26/10)

Not only will a division tear at the core of our nation, we will go bankrupt in the process of attempting to live under the change Obama hopes to force submission, that is the greatest act of terrorism threat against the country.


It's not that we don't want everyone to have access to healthcare, its that we want everyone to have access to GREAT health care. The church has more of a responsibility to manage health care than does the government. Let's get the church to manage it if you want a centralized body.. oh be that church and state thing gets in the way. Better the church get in the way than government with no heart, faith or compassion of Christ.

Pump Payments

Tell FIVE friends to contact their representative opposing the increase in energy tax. Don't wait for the prices to get even higher, again! Increase in Gas Prices. Reopen the pipeline and restore energy production, jobs, and security. 
If you like to ride the roller coaster of gas prices, do nothing and watch it go higher and higher.  Quit complaining, take action If you are serious about stabilizing the economy then support green tech at home and "Drill Here, Drill Now" policies that keep the competition in check.


It seems that gathering without violence does not get the attention and respect that radicals and terrorist find with ease. It is a sign that the world and our nation are being turned upside down and most folks don't know it, or worse don't seem to care.

News Reporting

With all the access to information it seems that there is no accurate source. Everyone has an agenda, a spin and slant to the news. What are the facts? What is the truth.