ECONOMYTax the Rich
Blame the past
Socialist Model
We cannot afford to do all the good we can if we are in a debtors prison, Ask Samuel Wesley.
9-9-9 Flat Taxes
Take Responsibility
Cut Spend
 Tanking after excessive Democratic spending spree.
Makes it a higher priority without the money to pay for it. Kills jobs for Americans.

 Responsible balance of business and ecology
 Turns out to be cooked up with false numbers, although those glaciers are melting more than usual
Seek to do what least offends the Saudi government
 Use liberally now in proportion to term limits
 Drill Now
 I would guess that Obama had the CIA blow up the BP Gulf rig to mess with offshore drilling.
 Get out Now
 Completely take over or GET OUT without haveing to go back

Still there, troops still dying. Still selling out all over the world to Islam.
 Get out Now
Take the cause seriously or get out

  Still there, troops still dying. Still selling out all over the world to Islam.
 See what polls say first
 Promote Georgian membership in UN Security Council
 India wants in, so does everyone. Why not move the UN to Saudi Arabia along with Obama
 Oppose US Jobs and self sufficientcy
 Tap it 'til its gone using no foreign oil if possible
 Drill Now
Send the bill for constituants to the wealthy
 Abolish IRS replace with flat tax
Fuel Sm Biz Growth, Hold taxes 
 Still uncertain, but Bush cuts holding
 SMALL BUSINESSForced regulations to create jobs, cover health care, and limited success
 Economic incentive for growth
 Key element for economic recovery
 Still extremely cautious and many are closing.
 FASHION Look Pretty
 Comfort and functon 

 60% two weeks before Thanksgiving
 MUSIC too Phat Hip Pop
 Rock, Blues, Classics
 Beatles on iTunes
 Service to Himself or Chicago thugs will get you
Requirement for all Graduates 
 Is it a paying gig?
 Code word for radically transforming US into a socialist county
 Christian Response
 Work for the unemployed.
 See if you can get out of it but if you can't it is a government job just don't expect the equipment to be better than the enemy's
 Thankful for those who do serve

 Who would want to join now?
 SOP only at the gas pump
only at the gas pump 
 Obama and all his Zars
 RELIGION In Word On. Used to go to Rev Rites temple, now makes appearance, occastionaly, but God Bless America could be Ala Bless America as well for him
 Global Methodist

 One nation under Mo-humid
 LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCEThree years of blaming. More executive orders than all other presidents in total. Legislate through regulations by passing the other branches. Spent more into debt that any other president. Uh Uh Uh speechless without teleprompters.
Lead where you Are 
Hopefully the news congress will make good on the mission  
Loves to see himself. Plastic. Good as long as teleprompters are working and media is paid off.
Limited Experience, but have connections 
Has to hire MUCH better media support staff.
 Major players still anti-Fox, news is bias. Major networks showing "simpletons light heart-ed stories when there are big issues going on in the country. Glossing over rather an covering a looser.